Chuck Hill

Phy Work Group Chair

Mr. Hill has a long history in the area of serial data interfaces. After graduating from Stanford University with a BSEE and MSEE specializing in statistical signal processing and circuits and devices, he went to work for Argo Systems in Sunnyvale, designing a serial data receiver for a surveillance system. Then, he joined Hewlett-Packard working on instruments for analog parametrics, protocol analysis, and microprocessor emulators. In 1991, he became an independent consultant specializing in analog design, microwave design, signal integrity, and EMI and RFI. Working for Quantum he worked on signal integrity and IC driver issues for ATA-33, 66, 100, and 133. In 2001, he participated in the early Serial ATA development in the Phy area. In 2004, he became the Phy working group chair. 

Phy Working Group charter: Develop and sustain the electrical characteristics of the physical layer of the SATA-IO interface.