March 2012
Volume 7, Issue 1

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SATA-IO In-house Certification Testing Program
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SATA-IO In-house Certification Testing Program
Companies planning to produce multiple SATA products may want to consider implementing in-house certification testing. In-house certification testing provides a cost-effective way to streamline interoperability testing, and offers companies enhanced confidentiality and control over the testing schedule.

To be approved for SATA-IO in-house certification testing, a company must pass a rigorous qualification process, wherein it tests previously certified products in its own lab and sends the results to SATA-IO to be verified. Upon passing, the member is asked to sign the In-house Test Lab agreement. At that point, a company is authorized to test its own products according to the SATA Interoperability Test procedures and send the results to SATA-IO for final approval. If the product test results are approved by SATA-IO, the products will be added to the Integrators List and the company may choose to sign the certified logo license agreement.

SanDisk was recently approved as the first member to be qualified to perform in-house certification testing on its SATA products.

“SanDisk is pleased to enable in-house SATA certification.  As a major producer of SATA-based SSD products, the program streamlines our certification process, and, as a contributor to recent new additions to the SATA specification, such as µSSD™ and DevSleep™, helps us work more closely with the SATA ecosystem in bringing innovation to the SATA platform,” said Hyun Mun Sean In, Director of Strategic Marketing, Client Storage Solutions.

If your company is interested in becoming an approved in-house certification testing facility, please contact

Register Today - SATA-IO Plugfest & Interop Workshop Taiwan

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming SATA-IO Plugfest and Interoperability Workshop on April 23-26, 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dates: April 23-26, 2012
Location: Taipei, Taiwan @ The Westin Taipei Hotel

Plugfest & Interop Workshop sponsored by:

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Plugfest #16 – Click here to register for the Plugfest
The purpose of a Plugfest is to validate new designs implementing Serial ATA protocol/features and demonstrate interoperability. Target products for these events are prototypes, products still under development and those interested in general debug with other compatible products. Benefits of the Plugfest are being able to test with many equipment vendors in a small time, to facilitate match-making and finding areas of the spec that are unclear.

Interoperability Workshop #11 Click here to register for the IW
The purpose of an Interop Workshop (IW) is to specifically verify product interoperability and adherence to a pre-defined subset of specification requirements per the definition of SATA-IO Interoperability Testing. Target products for an IW are "market ready" products which are intended to ship "as is" into the market or are already widely available on the market.

Want to learn more about the differences between Interop Workshops and Plugfests? Visit our website at for more information.

Check Out SATA-IO Resources for Power Management
On January 5, 2012 SATA-IO announced DevSleep, a new power saving feature that enables “always on, always connected” device functionality. DevSleep defines the lowest power state for SATA technology, allowing the PHY and other circuitry to be completely powered off, unlike existing partial/slumber states, which require a partially powered PHY. The feature allows devices to be always on and always connected without unnecessarily reducing battery life. For example, with DevSleep an ultra-thin laptop that would have previously needed to be put into standby to conserve battery life can now stay on and be immediately available for use.

DevSleep is one of several power management features developed by SATA-IO. For more information on SATA power management, visit

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