October 2016
Volume 11, Issue 5

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REMINDER: UTD 1.4 Phase-Out - 12/15/2016

Storage Developer Conference 2016 - SMR Panel

New Causeway Forum - Modern Standby, Rotational Media, SMR

Promote Your Technical Resources on SATA-IO.org

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REMINDER: UTD 1.4 Phase-Out - 12/15/2016

As a reminder, the SATA Unified Test Document (UTD) v1.4 testing guidelines will be phased-out by December 15, 2016. The SATA-IO board decision was made to ensure the highest level of compatibility amongst SATA products. After the deadline, SATA-IO qualified independent test labs and self-certified companies can only submit test results (to SATA-IO) for products per UTD v1.5 testing guidelines.

The main changes from UTD v1.4 to UTD v1.5 are as follows:

  • Added Gen3 (6 Gbps) TX Emphasis test and made it normative (TSG-17)
  • Incorporated M.2 mechanical testing
  • Corrected OOB-06 values for devices and hosts
  • Implemented editorial corrections and changes

For the complete updates on UTD 1.5, visit: http://www.sata-io.org/interoperability-documentation-v15.

Product certification applications received using UTD revisions 1.4 or earlier after the phase-out deadline will be respectfully declined.

Please refer questions and comments to the SATA-IO Administration.

Storage Developer Conference 2016 - SMR Panel

The SATA-IO recently supported a panel session that focused on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) at the Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2016. The presentation kicked off with an enterprise rotational storage market overview and SMR introduction from storage analyst Tom Coughlin. Additionally, representatives from leading SMR rotational storage manufacturers (Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital) provided insight into SMR data management methods, standards and host implementation considerations.

For more information on this SMR panel and other SDC 2016 sessions, visit: http://www.snia.org/events/storage-developer/presentations16

New Causeway Forum - Modern Standby, Rotational Media, SMR

In an effort to facilitate additional member conversation surrounding SATA technology and the trends shaping the storage industry, the Marketing Work Group (MWG) is proposing regular discussion topics via the MWG Causeway Wiki page.

The first thread focuses on Microsoft’s Modern Standby operating system design and the challenges that it poses to rotational storage devices. This thread challenges our SATA-IO members to consider the impact of smartphone behavior on SATA storage drives and what steps the SATA-IO can take to investigate Modern Standby’s impact on the SATA interface and storage solutions.

The second thread is a call to action for members to provide any performance metrics and/or resources they may want to share on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology. The MWG is updating the SATA-IO website with new information on SMR to maintain SATA’s visibility as a mainstream, high value ($/TB, $/Watt) storage interface. If interested, please respond directly to the thread or contact marketing@sata-io.org.    

To learn more about these issues and to join the discussion, visit: https://causeway.sata-io.org/wg/MWG/wiki  

Promote Your Technical Resources on SATA-IO.org

The SATA-IO membership is made up of prominent companies and institutions that are thought leaders in the storage and networking industry. Our members produce a vast amount of technical resources (whitepapers, case studies, etc.) that help guide future storage developments and innovations. Is your organization is publishing a technical resource that is relevant to SATA technology? Then we want to help promote it via SATA-IO Technical Library!

If you are interested in contributing a recently issued technical resource to the SATA-IO Technical Library, please contact press@sata-io.org     

Newsletter Call to Action!

Let us know what topics you have to share in this space! We are looking for interesting SATA-IO related topics to inform and challenge our members with the rapid and consistent changes. Also, start wiki conversations in Causeway and participate in existing conversations.

Please submit any future article ideas and topics to Eric Pickering, SATA-IO Marketing Chair, Intel

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