Interoperability Workshops

SATA-IO Interoperability Workshop

None are currently scheduled.

The SATA-IO Interop Workshop serves two main purposes:
1) As a mechanism for verifying product and building block adherence to the SATA Specification.
2) As a proving ground for updated tests and test methodologies, typically in support of new SATA Specification features and updates.

The Interop Workshop serves as a way for SATA-IO members to get their products tested by multiple testers using different equipment sets and latest tests before they are available at the certified test labs. However, given the complexity of the test results and consistency verification process, it takes significantly longer to generate an overall PASS/FAIL result. So, for product vendors needing quick results, and an Integrators List posting, the certified Test Labs are the best mechanism.


For more details on the SATA-IO Interoperability Program visit the Interoperability Program overview page

If you have any additional questions regarding Interop Workshop registration, please contact SATA-IO Administration.

Interoperability Workshops