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Member resources have been moved to the Causeway Collaboration Tool  

We have moved a number of the member resources to the Causeway Collaboration which allows for one login and streamlined access to resources and information SATA-IO members need most. To access Causeway, use the Member Login menu located at the top, right of this page, or click here.

Here is list of the resources that have been moved to Causeway:

SATA-IO Work Group Pages
Documents Under Review
Logo Download and Guidelines
Submit an ECN
Event Presentations
Archived Specifications
Archived Design Guides
Members Meeting & Developers Interop Conference


Please note: Members will be required to create a user account before they can access Causeway.
To create a new user account, please follow this link: While we understand this may be a minor inconvenience, it will simplify things for you moving forward. If you have questions about these changes or how to access content on Causeway, please feel free to contact us at


Here are some answers to questions regarding the need to create a new user account:

Q. Why do I need to create a new user account?

A. Requiring two separate user accounts and passwords to access Members Only information and Causeway created confusion. Now you just need one account, one password. We are consolidating all member content and collaboration tools under one account on Causeway.  However, for security reasons, SATA-IO cannot port passwords from the website to Causeway.

 Q. Will my old Causeway username and password still work?

A. If you have an existing user account and password for Causeway, it will still work and allow you to log in to Causeway just as it did before.  If you have forgotten your password, you may easily reset it from the Causeway site.

Q. What about the user account and password I used to access Members Only content on the website?

A.  You may certainly use the same user account and password when you create a new user account for Causeway. Again, for security reasons, SATA-IO cannot port passwords from the website to Causeway.

Q. How long will it take to create a new user account for Causeway?

A. If your company is already a SATA-IO member, creating a new user account should take you less than 10 minutes. If your company is NOT a SATA-IO member, visit the Become A Member page for information on how to join. Not sure if your company is already a SATA-IO member? Check here


SATA-IO Members Area