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Document Review Process 
This page provides a summary of the review/feedback process for the following types of Logo Workgroup (WG) documents:

1) Interoperability Program Description – Describes scope and schedule
2) Interoperability Program Policy – Describes Interoperability Program policies
3) Unified Test Description – Individual test descriptions with specification references
4) MOI – Methods of Implementation (specific equipment procedures)
5) Online on the SATA-IO Website

All documentation developed by the Logo group in regards to the organization of the Interoperability Program follows the general SATA-IO draft document review process. At appropriate revision levels, draft documents will be made available to members through notifications on the “users” reflector. In all cases following the notification the documentation will be available on the Logo Taskforce page located in the Member’s Only area of the SATA-IO website. Typically the email notifications will include detail regarding the exact documentation under review, specifically the revision and contact information for input/questions. Most of the documentation will follow a 30-day review process, although the draft documentation might be available for viewing on the website for longer if a new revision is not available until some later date.

Unified Test Description Review Process:
Change requests for the Unified Test Description, including missing or incorrect test procedures or a belief that a test is non-critical please provide the following information to the Logo WG:
1) Justification presentation detailing the change request.
2) Test data to the Logo WG.

The Logo WG will review any data-driven justification to understand the impact to test procedures or the specification itself. If it is found that a specification change is required, the justification may additionally need to be presented and reviewed with the appropriate technical SATA-IO WG (e.g. Phy, Digital, CabCon).

It is the charter of the Logo group to include tests which are in the scope of the existing Serial ATA specification, and if requirements within the specification are not critical to Serial ATA interoperability or compatibility it must be questioned whether the requirement belongs in the specification. The individual work groups (e.g. Phy, Digital, CabCon) are the owners of
specification content which the Logo team simply uses as a reference.

Methods of Implementation (MOI)
Methods of Implementation (MOIs) specifically include author contact information within the document itself. If there are questions about the procedures within an MOI or errors/inconsistencies are found, please contact the author of the MOI as well as the Logo WG. There are some cases where the author of an MOI is not a test tool or equipment manufacturer. If there are questions regarding availability of equipment or technical questions about equipment specifically, please contact the appropriate equipment manufacturer directly.


Documentation location
The latest SATA-IO Logo WG documentation may be found at the following locations:

External / Public: Logo Work Group Interoperability Public released documentation page

Once MOIs have completed the final SATA-IO internal 30-day review without change they will be made available on the public documentation page.


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