Work Group Chairs

SATA-IO has created the following Work Groups to assist with further development and promotion of SATA technology and the SATA-IO organization.  SATA-IO invites all members who wish to be involved in contributing to the essential work of SATA-IO to join a Work Group.  Contact the Work Group Chair if you would like to participate.

CabCon Focus Group  Charter – To develop and sustain specifications containing all the necessary cables and connectors that applicable to the Serial ATA applications.

Digital Focus Group  Charter – To develop and sustain specifications containing the underlying architecture of the Serial ATA protocol excluding the definition of physical characteristics (electrical, cable & connector definition).

Logo Group  Charter – To develop, and define the Interoperability Program, consisting of a Policy, Test and Interoperability requirements.

Marketing Group  Charter – To define, promote and drive the benefits of Serial ATA technology and the SATA-IO organization to meet the needs of system builders, storage providers and component suppliers today.   

Phy Group  Charter – To develop and sustain the electrical characteristics of the physical layer of the Serial ATA interface.

Technical Integration Group  Charter – To address technical tasks requiring expertise and input that spans the various existing technical disciplines and committees. Incorporates material into consolidated specifications based on approved technical proposals and errata developed within the other technical focus groups into a single document for publication.

Work Group Chairs
Tim Mostad
Logo Work Group Chair

Bio and picture coming soon!

Patrick Hery
Digital Work Group Chair